US Riviera

US Riviera

Coastal South Orange County

Hunter-Broker is the ONLY Broker who
has these systems to get you Top Dollar
and make SURE that your sale CLOSES:

Certified Pre-Owned Home
Sure Close
Buyer Limited RE-Inspection
95% Appraisal

Find Out What It Means To YOU!

Trusted With Precious Assets



How We Do Our 'Magic'

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First 15 Days on the Market

First 15 Days on the Market

We Attract EVERY Potential Buyer...

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Sure Close


There is an EPIDEMIC of Buyer Back-Outs.
This costs you stress, hassle & money!
Disgraceful! But It Won't Happen With US!

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Low Stress


You've got plenty of stress.
So I make sure your escrow closes with no hassle!

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Master Certified Negotiations Expert

It Makes A Difference Who Speaks For YOU!

Over 48 AngiesList 'A' Reviews!NO MORE PROPERTY HEADACHES! Outsource it all
My team handles the sale of real estate & personal property , too.
I give FixUp help with NO markup on any contractor charges.
Our commission is our ONLY fee. Call me at 949-278-1595.
See What We Do For You (Below)

We Have FixUp Cash, Too!

Cost/Benefit Analysis

1We estimate the net proceeds from an “as-is” sale.  We compare this net with the likely sale value after our suggested fix-up/spiff-up, after considering the property preparation costs.
No fee to us.


Property Preparation:
We manage the process.

2You decide what action to take, and we totally manage the clean-up and fix-up as directed. Some of our service providers will wait until the sale CLOSES to be paid, too!
No fee to us.

PERSONAL Property Sale:
We manage the process.

3We have relationships with qualified & bonded personal property brokers, who handle disposal of unwanted property, including donations to charity & finally, trash removal.
No fee to us.

REAL Estate Sale:
Low-Stress, Top Dollar

4Our approach is unique & stress-free.  We quickly obtain market value or higher. We eliminate uncertainty by removing “sale-killing” contingencies when the agreement is signed.
No “Buyer Back-outs” !